asleep at the keyboard

Tonight will be long.
I had *something* that I had to do from 7-11, so I am now getting around to drafting that 8-10 page research/rhetorical analysis…since it’s a draft I’m only shooting for 4-5 pages, but still. Considering I haven’t even solidified what pieces I’m analyzing…ick. And Laurie wanted some substantial progress made on our pieces for Advanced Writing Workshop over spring break. Obviously that didn’t happen, so I have to pump out a couple pages of something tonight…and I don’t feel like reminiscing, so it’s turning into something of a pastiche of reflection and quotes :-P. Whatever. It’s something. I can always scrap it later.

When this problem of needing some creative writing quickly comes around, I often poke through my blog to see if I can find anything to plagiarize from myself. Not so much luck, but I often find some of the posts where I’m like “wow, I wrote that!” I don’t write so much brilliance lately, it seems. Maybe I’ll work on that.

Hmm…there were other things to say, but I need to work on my paper (which is difficult since it seems I can only write in paragraph-increments…then I have to take a break :-P)


One thought on “asleep at the keyboard

  1. Oh even when its life updates you still have superior writing to my nonsense!
    End of semester rush? Well soon. I know how it feels. Good luck with the papers!

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