clearly i remember

Somehow it always feels as if less time has passed between posts than actually has.

Today I was feeling the lack of a message board community in my life.  And I’m contemplating searching for one to latch on to.  I really do enjoy online communities.  Of course what with unpredictable internet access in the fall, now may not be the time, but whatever.

I always have great ideas for reforming my life or trying new things…never really happens because I just flake out.  I’ve been putting off forking out the cash for my France school…but I’m going to reserve my place in Paris tonight. (yes…I am)  So maybe I’ll put myself out there and actually link my blog on facebook again.  Or not…probably not.  It will take some deliberation to really determine that I want potentially unknown people I know treading the pages of my thoughts.  There are approximately 2 people I know in RL who I know have the address to this page.  Others I think I’ve given it to, but they never visited and probably lost the URL.  So no facebook link.

And I want to start tagging things.  My categories are lame and insufficient.
And posting regularly
And squeeing about Viva La Vida…because Coldplay is the love.

Shhh…too much brain activity.  Such lofty goals.  First thing’s first.  Chuck $2000 so you can meet some people who don’t know English and speak French with them.


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