Someday I’ll write a blog that doesn’t need to begin with an apology.  When I was in Hawaii, I meticulously wrote in my journal every night for three weeks, and thus I have a wonderfully transcribed history of my experience.  Here’s to hoping I can replicate that experience when I travel to Europe…and I’m hoping it will carry over into my blogging life.  Cross your fingers for me, eh?

Last night I got the urge to do a bit of cleaning in my room, and so this morning I went through the stuff under my bed and other random places in my room and came up with a box of things I don’t want anymore 🙂  This is amazing because I am the definition of a pack rat.  Things that I did not throw away include Plus One memorabilia from my psycho-fandom (and I really was unhealthily obsessed haha), a box of my school stuff from 6th grade, and the poster I made of the articles from the 1996 Olympics (when I became obsessed with the gymnastics team).  I love going through old stuff though, remembering random little things I’d forgotten 🙂

I’ve noticed that my productivity increases dramatically when my computer is either closed or not on (the better option).  I waste sooo much time…doing who knows what.  And I also decided that a better way to go about life and keeping my room in a state such that it can be walked in…I should be always getting rid of things, instead of having big spurts.  Every weekend go through one area…I have plenty of places to stick stuff, so that could take me at least 2 months of weekends (and by weekend, I mean an hour or two).

My problem is twofold.  I am nostalgic to a fault, and I try to be resourceful.  You never know when something might come in handy!  Like the 10-20 old film canisters I have, or the Pooh day-calendar from 2005.  I’m surprised I managed to put an old binder in the goodbye box, because that could still get use.  Although I’m not going to throw it away…I’ll just pawn it off on someone else or donate it somewhere.


2 thoughts on “boxes

  1. Oh, Europe! You’re going to have so much fun; I am excited for you. Thus, please blog of Europe so I can live vicariously through your adventures. 🙂

    PLUS ONE! Good times!!

  2. Film canisters are awesome they’re the perfect size for, for… well they’re just perfect. As you can probably tell i might have some lying around my room somewhere…

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