First Post 4.0

Il etait une fois
Once upon a time…

il y a une fille qui aime écrire.
there was a girl who liked to write.

As I commence this, the nth (we’ll say fourth for archival purposes) version of my blog, there are questions.  Questions that need answers!  Many stem from how is this going to be different from previous blogging endeavours… which to a certain extent cannot be fully answered until after I have blogged for some indeterminate amount of time.

At any rate, one noticeable difference is the current absence of any archives.  I haven’t decided how specific to allow this blog to be, so when I should be doing homework, I’ll be wandering back and re-publishing some (all?) old entries.  I may also get around to manually adding the blogs I salvaged from the b2 server loss a couple years ago.

One goal is certainly to blog more, another is to blog more coherently.  Rather than anything resembling a detailed chronicle of my life, I anticipate an artful conglomeration of random experiences, thoughts, and writings.  By way of introduction, the following will impact what and how I write:

– my Christian faith
– majoring in English
– minoring in Computer Science
– having spent 4 months in Europe, 3 at language school in France
– living in the United States
– conservative political positions
– occasional inclinations toward the more fanatic side of certain fandoms

So… on y va (Let’s go)!


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