The Employment Conundrum

Last night’s dinner conversation centered primarily around Allison’s Post-University Plans.  It’s true, I have been rather unconcerned with my future.  Or perhaps not unconcerned, but simply unmotivated to figure out what it is I want to be doing with my life.

So far my ideas have included
– move to New Zealand and work on The Hobbit
– rock the video application and get selected for The Best Job in the World

While that video is actually getting made this weekend, I’m sure you can figure out that the actual likelihood of my accomplishing either of the above is slim to none (we’re focusing on the “slim” part though).  So, Plan C.  Well, still working on that one.  I’ll admit: not having a career I am drawn to presents a slight speed bump.

Then occasionally I consider the horrible job market I am entering and think “Hmm, well Starbucks would be okay for a little while.  Oh wait, they’re laying off thousands of current employees.”  Excellent.  Perhaps I should be more concerned than I am,  but I would consent to that conclusion only if it leads to increased motivation.

So it appears we have concluded that motivation without excessive panic is the best mode of operation.  Dang it…looks like Dad was right again. 🙂


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