The scent of evergreen and eucalyptus

Limiting myself to three 3 to 4 credit classes this (, my last, ) semester was a good decision.  There is still homework to be done, but it’s not quite as much of a weight on my mind.  This may be also due in part to the fact that apart from Pilates, all classes fall on T/Th (and one discussion group on Wednesday).  Not to say I have all Monday and Friday to slack off; I work at 8 am every morning.  But all this to say, I love having a relaxing Saturday morning slide into afternoon without the slightest bit of guilt at not having touched homework. 🙂

This is why I am excited for life after college: the lack of homework hanging over my head.  I am slowly and finally getting around to putting up my postcards from Europe.  While once I collected pencils (which continue to sit in a shoebox, unused, on the shelf in my closet at home), I have since shifted to postcards.  And to commemorate my European Adventure 1.0, I am going to adorn a wall with said “p-cards.”  My dilemma now is how to go about it.  There are also several maps I want to put up, so I’m trying to determine the best way to go about this wallpapering with minimal tacks, tape, or damage to the maps or cards.


One thought on “The scent of evergreen and eucalyptus

  1. Glue said p-cards to some kind of base. Butcher paper might be good or if it doesn’t cover that much space, perhaps an old poster… Am amused by the thought of no homework after college…not that you’ll be a teacher, but I used to think I would relax after college somewhat–it’s when the real work begins!

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