Maintaining independence

I was scrolling through my news feed, as I am wont to do from time to time, and saw this post from the BBC regarding whether people of other countries should be allowed to vote in the US elections.  There are a handful of reader responses, my favorite being by a Mr. Fox: “I agree. Everyone in the world should have the right to fill-out a US voting ballot — as soon as they agree to fill-out a US income tax form.”

My initial thoughts are as follows:

  • I recognize that the policies of the United States have a (sometimes (too?) large) affect on other countries in the world.  Yes, others are invested in what happens in our country.  But guess what?  This would be promoting what many currently regard as one of President Bush’s gravest mistakes. That being to allow another country (or countries) to influence and have a substantial influence on the governance of another country.
  • While some of our policies etc do affect others, a large part of our government regulates, shockingly, our country.  Somehow I don’t think the Greeks (to arbitrarily choose a nationality) need to have a say in whether or not I get taxed more/less for driving on the freeway.
  • umm…It’s our country. Go fix your own and structure your economy so that you aren’t so dependent on us  (Admittedly I know very little of economies and economic theory, and some of these things can’t be helped at this juncture, but it’s the principle)?

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