Three fandoms later…

One of my favorite parts about getting older is remembering the craziness of my youth.

Ok, so I’m hardly “old.”  But I have, at any rate, grown out of the Plus One fandom that enmeshed me some eight years ago.  So now as I listen to their debut album again (and can still pick out their distinct voices), I am filled with a certain elation.

I don’t care how lame they were (or continue to be haha) …boybands are fabulous. 😀

On a less whimsical note, I have been looking for jobs this afternoon.  The prospect of preparing resumes, cover letters, and applications does not enthuse me.  I lack a definitive calling or vocation – or rather I haven’t discovered it yet.  This makes the decision making process all the more difficult for such an indecisive person as I often am.  Things haven’t changed much from the last time you heard I could be anywhere from New Zealand to France to New York to Seattle.  Antarctica is always an option, but not a very financially feasible one at this point in my debt history. 😛


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