Link love

Today overflows with happy:
– a blog about sandwiches in Paris (oh how I miss baguettes!)
– pristine blue skies
– birds heralding the approach of spring and Easter
– basketball team won the first round of the NCAA Division III playoffs so we’re playing in Tacoma tomorrow and I’m road tripping with three of my friends to support the team 🙂
– it’s the weekend!
oh, hello friend is having a sweet giveaway
grosgrain is also having two giveaways 🙂
– Pilates was crazy intense but so wonderful.
– A paper that was due Tuesday is now due a week from Tuesday

So while I still don’t have a job for after graduation and have things that should but won’t get done this weekend, life is good.


3 thoughts on “Link love

  1. Hello there! It’s me from A Single Metaphor! Sorry I never replied. I turned off email notification of comments. Yes, go ahead and use whatever you like. You can credit me as Be. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

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