Then I open up and see

Blogging always seems like a better idea when there are other things to do.
I actually only have one bit of homework left to do for tomorrow, but there are two essays due next Tuesday, two midterms next Thursday and a final on Friday.  Unfortunately, perhaps, I find myself unfazed by these facts.  Everything always gets done, and I haven’t failed anything yet (or even come close, apart from that one D on a French paper Freshman year).

In fact, a nap sounds delightful, but I shall not indulge.  My housemates are going to be watching a movie in an hour, and I shall be social (and likely procrastinatory, as it is highly improbable that said homework will be finished by then).  I am planning on enjoying a toasty mug of cinnamon hot chocolate as well.  And grapes.

One of the four non-school-related books I am currently reading is City of the Mind by Penelope Lively.  Vic often suggests her to be one of the greatest contemporary writers, and I am inclined to agree.  I rather enjoy how she weaves story and plot around an idea she wants to explore.  Whilst in Lyon I read Moon Tiger and was entranced by her language and the insights she offered through the experiences of her characters.  Halfway through CotM, I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to put up a little more effort to delve into a novel.

subject: “Dreams”, Cranberries


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