A place from long ago

Backlit pine needles will always make the list of most-beautiful-objects-in-nature.  They’re narrow so the sunlight flows around the edges, dancing when a gentle breeze causes shadows to flicker by.

The sky is blue again, after its on-again off-again relationship with rain bearing clouds today.  It looks so much the better for having that brief fling with precipitation.

And it’s not just the sky that enjoyed a spring cleansing today.  The smoke of wood-burning stoves and lingering elements of winter’s weight have cleared out, leaving only the anticipation of summer evenings when the sunlight lingers long past 6 or 6:30.

Those pine needles?  The ones ingraned in my memory as well as a particularly well-shot 35mm capture?  Will I have the opportunity again to see them in this light?  My head keeps rotating away from the screen to stare in loving amazement of the trees that grew far faster than I did.  Where once I towered over them, they now scratch at the realms of heaven.  That strikes me as a blessing peculiar to having lived in but one house the entirety of one’s youth.

I don’t know where (in the world) I will be in 3 months.  Perhaps across the state or the world or just across the room.  I haven’t decided or become aware of which I would prefer, and if you asked now I would say both.

In the past I have said I want to live all my life at once, so I would never have to leave or say goodbye.  But even that would strip some of the richness I will and do experience through the recalling of memories and the inevitable interweaving of theads and patterns.

The place is not just itself – it is a reflection of the rest of the globe. All of us…carry this cargo of private association.
(Penelope Lively, City of the Mind)


2 thoughts on “A place from long ago

  1. Beautiful. This totally reminds me of Advanced Writers’ Workshop. There are just a couple places where you lose a bit of clarity for the sake of artistry…
    Paragraph 1, “dancing” not sure if it’s the pine-needles or sunlight…
    I LOVE the description of the blue sky’s love affair with rain clouds. So original!
    I am currently teaching alliteration, so I just have to remark what a fine job you do alliterating…
    Paragraph 4, not sure what the “screen” is here or where you are located. “Scratch at the realms of heaven” is a bit hyperbolic for me.
    I love your reflection on loss and memory to close the piece. The only thing I would suggest is that you be a little bit clearer about “threads and patterns”–what are they doing? Or what are they part of?
    Lovely lovely piece. I’m sorry for the overwrought commentary…

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