In the end

Life is already starting to take a hue reminiscent of the summer camp I never attended.

“You should visit.”
“Oh, for sure.”

“We’ll keep in touch.”

Two weeks of goodbyes and lasts and solemnity does not appeal to me.  Denial, while perhaps not the most healthy, is the preferred option at this point.
I don’t even want to write this blog about not focusing on the impending end.

Too bad everything points to that.  The number of events occurring over the next two weeks, the fact that I’m trying to not buy more groceries, the absence of motivation to do the little homework that remains, the sorrow at burgeoning friendships likely doomed to continue in memory only.

This is not making for an uplifting mood (and the rain rolling in doesn’t help much)…I’m going to go watch one of the Supernatural gag reels or something.


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