A Blue

Last night before I went to sleep, I decided it’s time to redecorate. This room reflects what I wanted to put on my walls four to six years ago. Maybe if it looks more like my life now, it will be easier to start living here again.

I keep reminding myself that in finding the leaving so difficult, how blessed must I have been. That if life just gets better like Leonard and B-Rob said, this next bit is going to be pretty fabulous.

But I am a college graduate now.

Although I am thrilled to have completed the part of my life that involves classes and homework, I now look at the pieces remaining and wonder how do I make the transition into a life so separate from what I have known before. The last time summer didn’t segue into a year of school was the summer I turned three. My sister wasn’t even born then.

This summer I will at least organize what I have. I will submit some poetry and essays to journals. I will read prolifically. I will (try) to figure out how to organize my pictures. I will grow into the life I have and rejoice that I have made it this far.

I will use the futur proche, even though some of these are not imminent happenings, because there will be/should/is no uncertainty that these things shall come to pass.


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