Bathrobe and Slippers

A handful of days into unemployment and I am already disenchanted.
Not only do the days still run into each other as there is nothing to distinguish one from the next, but I am less productive than when I have less time. College had already taught me that I always manage to get everything done, and so why get things done when I can leave them to the last minute.  Well, this philosophy is not doing me any favors now that there is no foreseeable “last minute.”

I am migrating my belongings into the small box I call a room, so my parents don’t evict me for taking over their living room, but other than that (and the applications, yes, I am sending) what am I doing?  Approximately nothing of import.

It is enjoyable to a certain extent…no tasks on the good ol’ To-Do List. But I need some end in life. This is going to be the part where I become self-motivated when there is no general end to-which I must be motived, merely a generic fuzz-ball that signifies another area has been cleaned away and needs vacuuming.

As it is but 10:30, perhaps instead of aimlessly alternating between checking my email and the lack of updates on blogs I read, I’ll do something productive (however minor others may consider it).

Goals before I go to bed:
#1 – make progress on moving data to Good Reads
#2 – finish updating quote journal with quotes from one or two of several sources in progress

And maybe I’ll take a shower.
(Good heavens. I am quickly coming to an appreciation of why God has us work.)


2 thoughts on “Bathrobe and Slippers

  1. I feel your pain. It is quite miserable to wake up and not really have any reason TO wake up and then once you do trying to find something that will be productive. I’ve got aimless internet browsing down like a professional.

    Good luck with the job hunting though 😀

  2. I had, actually, on a whim applied for a grad studies program at an art school in Ontario. I had everything prepared, sent it and got rejected. But it was a just a test to see how well I could do in other areas. I may do it again someday, but I don’t really know.

    Teaching, while maybe not ideal, is at least nice for its relative safety even in a recession. (I know this because my lovely roommate now has her education degree.) but I can totally understand the lack of desire to teach. But overseas may be a really interesting adventure and experience 🙂

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