Melifluous, without the honey

tergiversation (noun) 1. The act of practicing evasion or of being deliberately ambiguous.

This word needs to be integrated into my daily vocabulary. I have also found that I am rather partial to “tertiary.” This does come as something of a surprise to me as I have long be partial to words commencing with “s” (note the blog name…).

Words do fascinate (at least those of us lucky enough to have been English majors). I have been inhaling quite a few of them lately in the bound form of books, but alas my own stringing together of them into sentences has been rather sparse of late. I managed to send some prompts Julie’s way, and she’s started something, but nothing has clicked for me yet. Blogging, it has been concluded, only partially counts in my efforts to produce Creative Writing. What I’m really looking for is a kick into some work of fiction or poetry, or I suppose even creative nonfiction will do.

But alas, I have resorted to the last resort, writing about writing. When it comes down to it, I make for an excellent rambler (by which I mean to reference one who rambles, not the one-story home). I have the vocabulary to keep any subject at least moderately interesting – for a while at least. But if that’s the case, why the difficulty in coming up with a topic to discuss? Interesting question.

The period of that last sentence was typed before the last word was completed, leaving it at “interesting quest.” Hardly a “Freudian” slip, but one of intriguing import nonetheless. And so on that note, I am off, hopefully to sleep a little inspiration into being. If not, I suppose I must seek it out a bit more aggressively, even to the point of writing in its absence. But if you have any helpful ideas to prompt the outpouring of words that go beyond achieving an average word count, do share!


One thought on “Melifluous, without the honey

  1. You need to go on an adventure! That will give you plenty to write about! (Or, merely treat all of life, even the mundane aspects with the childlike wonder of an adventurer…)

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