a foray into awareness

In honor of the latest Harry Potter film that will be released in the United States in just under a month, I would like to reinstate my request that someone contribute a pensieve to the Keep-Allison-Sane fund. Or maybe I just need to practice compartmentalizing a little more. And prioritizing those thoughts – shoving to the lower rungs panic over a messy desk (ok, so that particular panic is rare).

On Sunday night (almost a week ago; I suppose this is overdue), I was bored and browsing Twitter when I decided to check out the #IranElection trend. I ended up spending well over two hours refreshing the page as new tweets updated me on the situation as it was unfolding on Monday in Iran. While I had not been following the news leading up to the election, or the results, I was astounded by the numbers of people pouring onto the streets, protesting an election suggested to be unfair and rigged. There has continued to be violence and protests and arrests. I have watched from the comfort of my computer, the people of Iran have been blocked from accessing the internet and been prevented communication by the jamming of cell phone signals.

It is not so much that I side with the said-to-be President Ahminedejad or opposition leader Mousavi. I have read articles on both sides of the election fraud issue. However, the government’s refusing to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands if not millions who are taking to the street, the violence of the Basij, the expulsion of foreign media – such are not the workings of a peaceful government. At any rate, besides the buzz on Twitter, if you are not familiar with these blogs, the NY Times is live blogging here and Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish is currently devoted to updates from Iran.

What could be a page or chapter from the next generation’s history book is happening now, and I am dumbfounded to be aware of it. It certainly is not the first impactful event that has happened in my lifetime, but it’s the first that I acutely feel its import as it unfolds and not just as a transitory news item (Early on the lack of mass media coverage was also somewhat fascinating – in that I found Twitter more helpful in finding out what was going on than other news sources I might often consult. Perhaps if they could look beyond what the President eats for dessert…not that I think they don’t deserve a bit of custard, but I couldn’t care less and would rather not have it cluttering my news feed).


2 thoughts on “a foray into awareness

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  2. It is incredible the way we can get news now and how accurate and REAL it is. Our parents believed what the news (TV) told them….what other choice did they have?

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