Goals, the indefinable kind

I was standing at the kitchen sink, eating strawberries and pondering blogs I had been browsing earlier when I decided to change the sidebar on my blog.

The chronicles (or adventures perhaps) of an aspiring adult

This evolved into the tag-line rather than the sidebar description, but I don’t think that’s quite as relevant as the phrase itself. Not only does it adequately/accurately describe the my blogging to this point, it inspires me to go forth and proliferate (writings, that is). In fixing what is the elusive (and illusive) purpose of this defined space on the web, I can more appropriately target my thoughts and posts in that direction.

Granted, of course, it is incredibly vague and bridging the gamut of an insatiably wide range of topics, but I am entirely okay with that course.

So onward and upward. Let’s make this adulthood something entirely worth leaving childhood for (leaving of course being a relative term, because I am simultaneously determined to decipher just how to cultivate a delicious, childlike appreciation of life for the rest of it).


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