Don’t let it slip right through your hands

andre-jordan_fearless[andre jordan]

I found this unexpected delight while following links that stemmed from uncategorized bookmarks saved by Firefox. Seriously, every time I scroll back up to look at it again, I smile at the profound simplicity of it.

Regardless of plans or expectations the future is always unknown, and (apart from the ill-advised suicide) you have little choice but to advance forward. It is, however, left for you to determine with what attitude you will go forth (And of course by you, I mean me). That’s kind of freeing, for me at least. I find that I do better when I am given some constraints to deal with, rather than being set loose on something. If left to my own imagination and devices I am likely to think myself into quite the tizzy with possibilities.

(hmm, this has suddenly become enlightening regarding my recent state of mind)

While I don’t think I’ll ever be spontaneous enough to live entirely in the moment and without thought to possible ramifications or potential paths, this is (yet another) reminder that life is going to keep happening whether or not I’m on board. Might as well strap on that life-vest and make the most of the ride while I have the chance.

subject: “Ride of Your Life”, John Gregory


One thought on “Don’t let it slip right through your hands

  1. Jerry Sittser has some interesting thoughts on the way freedom has shaped our society… and just how Americans perceive freedom versus what Biblical freedom is meant to be…I’ve really enjoyed reading his book The Will of God as a Way of Life.

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