Love the bean

One of my favorite things about working at the bakery is making espresso.
Especially this year, now that I actually like coffee.

After Europe – where I decided to join the parade and drink the stuff – I found myself swinging from the adamant hot chocolate/chai drinking to the shot shooting. Actually I don’t usually just take shots; I like my drink to last longer than a couple seconds. But suffice it to say, I like my coffee strong. Not for the caffeine, but the taste.

I’m not sure if I’ve developed accurate coffee-making tendencies (I suppose I’ll find out Monday when the new coffee guy comes to train or whatever), but I don’t mind saying I make some pretty good stuff – at least for myself. 🙂

Since I get one free drink a day, I can experiment a little without the risk of wasting $3-$5. Thus far my favorite mix goes something like this:
– 16 oz iced cup
– 1.5(ish) pumps of chocolate
– a dash of kahlua and a dash of irish cream
– 4 shots
– ice almost to the top
– maybe a little water, depending how much room is left
– top off with maybe 2 shots worth of nonfat milk

Mmm so good!
Today I didn’t feel like coffee though so I went with the tried-and-true standby of a raspberry-peach Italian Soda with nonfat milk instead of half-and-half. Mandy thought that sounded gross, but I made her try it and really, you’re not missing much but calories and fat by skipping the half-and-half.


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