That was when I ruled the world

Although I am known to be an avid Harry Potter fan when there is something to be excited about (whether that be a new book, movie or fan fiction), I have in fact not seen Half-Blood Prince yet. You see, Julie and I have very similar approaches to the Harry Potter story and phenomenon, and I am flying down to California to visit her next week. We really do have to see it together (and for the first time). Unfortunately, this means waiting an entire week before seeing it when the rest of the world has happily already noted uproarious admiration or displeasure.

Under other circumstances, it would not matter in the slightest when I saw the film. Before going to the theater a few weeks ago with friends, the last movie I saw on the big screen was James Bond…in January or February. But just as Katie campaigned for campus Vice President – go big or go home. That has unintentionally become my motto when it comes to fan experiences. Because really – you’re unlikely to be a die-hard fan of anything for terribly extended periods of time, so might as well enjoy the ride while it’s there. And besides, what better things to roll your eyes at and laugh about than the silliness of going to Plus One concerts and having a website dedicated to fan fiction about them. 🙂

In other news, while I’m hardly an obsessive Coldplay fan, that was $50 well spent.
Not only was the concert set in “the most gorgeous venue on earth”(!!!), it was crazy-amazing! Although the opening bands kiind of sucked, nearly two hours of Coldplay on stage performing brilliantly and interacting with the crowd and just putting on a phenomenal show – awesome. 😀

20090711coldplay 048

subject: “Viva La Vida”, Coldplay


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