With a bowler hat

San Diego, 2008

With all the travelling I have done, you would think packing wouldn’t pose such a dilemma. Well, maybe it’s not a dilemma in itself, but the whole wait until the night before…

It isn’t that I’m not excited about the trip,or don’t know what I’m going to take. I think part of it is wanting to be prepared in case I need something I have already packed (because, let me tell you, unzipping a couple pockets would be wayyy too much effort – haha).

Ok, so it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I thrive on the panic of  “oh crap, I have to be at the airport in one hour and it takes 30 minutes to get there.” That must be it, because here I am blogging when I have to leave for work in 20 minutes and was originally hoping to leave shortly after work. While that will still happen, the meaning of “shortly” might be stretched a bit. Oh well, flight doesn’t leave until noon tomorrow, but I do still want to arrive at Angela’s house at a decent hour so we can have some time to yay over hanging out for the first time since graduation.

At any rate, packing and my messy room really do call. I can hear them in the rising panic that is threatening to make me forget something vital. Hmm, looking up I see my fabulous boots that I haven’t worn in a while. Maybe I should take those. No – we are limited to two, mayyybe three pairs of shoes.

Oh. This must be why I hate packing. The winnowing. I like to be prepared but know I can’t take everything. So how is it prepared to pack at the last minute? Not sure I could tell you. Captain, log that one away as Categorically Improbable Contradiction #15q.

Well, there go 15 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back and will never have been dedicated to thoughtful preparation for my upcoming séjour en Californie.


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