Of packages

found paper co pkg

Happy almost-birthday to me!
When Xenia of Found Paper Co. was hosting giveaways during her customer appreciation week, I thought what the hey – why not enter. So I was absolutely delighted when I WON! 😀 At any rate, my package arrived and kicked off what should be a fabulous birthday week. 🙂

In other news (which is decidedly my favorite transitional phrase), I am moving to the Seattle area next month. Kelsey asked if I would like to rent an apartment with her this (school) year as she goes to grad school. Did I want to? Yes. Could I afford it? No. Can I afford it now? Ummm, not so much lol. But I am confident enough that I’ll be able to find a job/continue some of the contract work I am doing now.

If you are acquainted with past decisions in my life, you will know this is quite the sudden decision for me. I only called to give her the good news on July 31st – leaving about a month and a half between decision=made and move=accomplished. I don’t know that it has fully sunk in, this impending relocation (perhaps see earlier post regarding certain procrastinatory habits of mine when it comes to packing). At any rate, I am quite excited for the opportunity to settle into a new place (Enter Stage Left: Organizing gene and Decorating gene) and explore and have adventures.


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