It was her favorite number

I’m a palindrome again (that being 22, obviously; not that I changed my name to Hannah, as it almost was in-utero). It seems that life really does keep getting better as you get older – although I feel that is in no small part due to the inexplicable blessing of God, as well as my own determination to never approach a birthday saying “Boy, those sure were the good ol’ days.”

Maybe that last one is a little optimistic, but that is what I aim for (unless of course you’re trying to look on the bright side in which case a little rain cloud with your silver lining probably won’t hurt).

Really though, why can’t 30 be as good as 20 or whatever. In my short tenure on Earth, I’ve had it pretty good (even [and possibly especially] when I complain). And let’s be honest – it’s only been getting better. As I see more of the world, I know a) how much I have to be thankful for and b) how much more there is to see. Therefore: reason for joy upon waking up a day older #1: I have another opportunity to live and see more of this crazy place.

And as I encounter more people, hear stories and make friends, I come to know a) how inexplicably blessed/lucky/fortuitous/overflowing have I been to know and much less be known by such amazing people and b) there are nearing 7 billion people on the planet! Reason for joy upon waking up a day older #2: I get to keep hanging out with some of these amazing people (and I need to make the most of their company while I can), and even when we part – as growing up has taught me almost everyone must do – what we had was something great and worth investing in, whether it was for a month or a decade.

Maybe I didn’t take my daily dose of reality today. Or maybe this is it, and I don’t take it often enough.


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