Of two mice

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend a couple days in Vancouver, BC.
Yes, I will admit that I was there for a certain fan event for my favorite TV show. Laugh and ridicule if you’d like, but it was amazing. 🙂

At any rate.

I think I love Vancouver. At least the little bit that I saw. Whether it’s just a stage that maybe I’ll grow out of or a seed that Europe planted, the city has laid claim to a certain corner of my heart. It hasn’t quite yet set up house yet, and I often forget it’s there until I venture outside the familiarity and see it light up with excitement and pride.

My trips to San Diego and Vancouver have taken my upcoming move to the Seattle area, dimmed the hesitation, and kindled an enthusiasm that has yet to fade (but will, I’m sure, once the clouds have passed their hey-day).

But it seems the larger residence still belongs to the small town, to the house that doesn’t have cell reception and sometimes forgets the rest of the world exists.

So I’ll go traipsing off to the city (again) in just under two weeks. But I don’t think this is “the rest of my life” just yet. It could be, I suppose – who really knows. All the same, it feels more like a temporary adventure. One that I plan on thoroughly enjoying, of course, but all the same, just an interlude.


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