new town

Once again thoughts have accumulated before I could post them, leaving me confused and you bored. Tragic.

I have a new address again. Who knows how permanent this one will be – I’m only planning on a year, but then one never does know. Effectively I have decided that if I’m to live in a city, it ought to be in the city (meaning I need money enough to live downtown). This year will be a bit different than that expectation, but I’ll adjust.

Seeing as I was already friends with my roommate, I haven’t been lonely. And her cat, who I have nicknamed “Mighty Mo,” is a constant presence as well. But I do need more than just one person. Occasionally I miss the constant and random adventures of summer and the friends I made then. I’ve already – on multiple occasions – had the realization that everything changes, and people in your life change blah blah blah. Same song, same verse even.

All that to say, now that I am unpacked and mostly settled and occasionally employed (thank you temp agency), I need to get on with making this phase of life more adventurous and full. By full I hopefully don’t mean busy-out-of-my-mind, but rather contentedly pursuing a variety of interests with different people while earning money and maintaining sanity. Easier said than done, perhaps?

Sometimes I just need to be reminded that life is about the little things – like Mighty Mo curling up with me while I browse Google maps. And my blog should be about the little things too. Y’all don’t need or ask for epiphanies every day or week (and if you do, you’re at the wrong blog, pal). Thusly I should stop expecting so much from myself and just write.
(so you’re saying I should do Nanowrimo, aren’t you)


2 thoughts on “new town

  1. ‘Ello there!
    Just happened to stumble across your blog while web surfing. Unfortunately, I haven’t the time to read much at the moment, but what I have read struck a chord of curiosity in my mind. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Hope you have a good evening!

  2. How is the Westside? (Or East… if you’re a truly converted Seattlite…) I miss you friend! Maybe now I’ll get to see you over Thanksgiving break?

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