Deep in the hundred acre wood

Outrage is met with disgust, quickly followed by a vehement proclamation that I will most certainly not endorse this travesty.

What, you ask, has evoked this strong protestation?


Not so much the (authorized) sequel – but the inclusion of a certain new character named Lottie the Otter.

I suppose the rational side of my brain is kicking in and acknowledging that these types of sequels usually do have new characters – in fact they often need them. But still – the naming of this character? It just seems so cheesy and smarmy. I’m thinking of the original characters, and okay, so they don’t often deviate very far from the animal’s name…but it worked. Now they work because they have the benefit of being positively embedded in our collective psyche.

At this point as I continue to mull over this turn of events, I have concluded that I will borrow this book from the library to evaluate whether to consider it an addition to my Winnie-the-Pooh canon. But. Lottie the Otter? I remain resolutely unimpressed with this naming.


One thought on “Deep in the hundred acre wood

  1. I’m sure if you find that the character is to your liking you will embrace her. Although I am afraid you are a bit jaded before you are even introduced.

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