When the sun shines it will shine out the clearer

My new computer should be arriving in a week.

You may or may not hear from me very much next month – what with the whole novel-writing business afoot. Or you’ll hear of nothing but finicky characters and a non-existent plot.

Life kind of happens, you know? I can’t fill you in on all the details (believe me, you’d be bored). But just posting the highlights doesn’t quite do things justice either.

Seeing as it is the current season, I suppose it’s appropriate that I can’t get fall out of my head. The sun shone for a moment as I was waiting for the bus this afternoon, and I revelled at the magnificent leaves. It’s been rainy (and I expect it to be for a great many months to come – thanks Seattle), and the light was a welcome change – albeit brief. I’ve been wondering at the beauty in fall – perhaps it is to compensate for the sadness of transience. It is, I imagine, the poet in me that searches for a glimmer of the beautiful and/or noteworthy in everything, even tragedy.

Thusly I will hold onto hope for my rather prosaic life of the moment. Work, come home and do stuff to pass the time until I work again? Umm, great… It should be work, have adventures and be awesome, work again to fund the adventures, etc etc.

I miss direction, most in all this desperation.

subject: The Two Towers (film), Samwise
quote: “The Blues”, Switchfoot


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