Just the facts, ma’am

–  My ring was found!! When cleaning out his car trunk, my friend found it!! And in light of the fact that an entire post was dedicated to it, you can imagine how excited I am to be reunited with it. 🙂

– I am 3807 words into my novel (which, if you’re keeping track, is more than 400 words ahead of the daily goal – go me!). Expect more on this at a later date. Perhaps tomorrow, depending how speedy my muse is at sending me owls. Today she sent me the daily blurb in just about an hour. I was quite pleased.

– It’s November. Two months away from 2010. Does that weird anyone else out?

– My new computer arrived! Still haven’t gotten it completely to where I want it – what with writing demanding a fair bit of my time and all. But getting there!

– On Saturday went with a friend to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre, which is breathtaking, btw. And the show was pretty dang awesome – featured Anthony Federov (American Idol finalist a while ago – I don’t follow it but maybe you do). I wasn’t familiar with it at all, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely on the crazy side, but pretty fantastic. The soundtrack is now on my list of must-get. Somehow, I think it was Les Miserables that started it all, I have become quite enamored with musicals.

– I have discovered that making multi-portion meals benefits me in the long run because then I have leftovers for a while! And if I cook two legit meals each week, I’m set with a bit of variety. 🙂


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