NaNoWriMo Day 3

Three days and 5,739 words later, I’m no closer to a plot than I was last week. Okay, maybe a few inches closer, but inches hardly matter when there are miles to be considered. I can’t decide whether 10% feels like a lot or not. Those 5700 words are almost entirely character development. (Sidenote, don’t ask if you can read it yet. The answer is no. Perhaps a few people will be privileged to hear excerpts if they happen to catch me while I’m writing, but if I’m not allowed to read over what I’ve written until it’s finished, neither are you.)

Lessons learned so far?

– This really is about writing just for the sake of writing. But I’m okay with that.
– Going in a somewhat stream-of-consciousness route was a great idea. I can write a lot more prolifically that way (evidenced by the 700 words I am ahead of the word count goal for today. I’m trying to maintain this lead so that when friends come to visit or other extenuating circumstances come up that prevent me from writing, I won’t get too far behind).
– I really don’t seem to find the balancing colon in the ratio of business to boredom. It’s like there is nothing going on, or I’m constantly busy. Honestly, not sure which is “worse” or preferred.
– The world does not stop for x, y, or z. And sometimes you just have to put things off – not procrastinate, but legitimately set it on the sideline – until there’s more time. Like my iTunes library, half of which managed to get duplicated in the transfer? There are still about 500 songs I need to delete, but let’s be honest, that probably won’t happen until at least next week if not later.
– I am not convinced one way or another whether fiction is (one of) my genre(s). It used to be the primary, but that notion fell away years ago.
– Sleep is still important. If you’re erasing time to sleep to provide time to write or do what you should have been doing when you were writing, you are not optimizing the situation. In the long run it will likely just take you longer to write, thus perpetuating the cycle in giving you less time to sleep etc etc etc.

Mmmm sleep.
Getting up at 6am really does put a damper on the midnight bedtime.

Oh. My main, 30 year old, male character is still unnamed. He’s something of a quirky individual, but not weird. So his name is not going to be John Smith, but neither will Hezekiah Goldenfarb fit the bill. Any ideas?


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