Nanowrimo Day 9

One rather significant downside to the rushed writing of an un-planned novel is the inevitable effect one’s own mood and life will have on the writing. Certainly by using my own experiences and emotions to guide the writing makes the process easier for me, and when 50,000 words are to be penned in something of a coherent fashion in 30 days, easy is forgiveable, if not downright recommended.

I have written 1,003 words tonight, leaving 1,210 before I hit my personal goal for the day. Yes, I’ve set my mark higher than the minimum 1667 to stay on track to finish on the 30th because I know days will come that simply refuse to produce whether for lack of inspiration or for busyness. And I occasionally have the sinking feeling that it won’t be done at 50,000 words. ANd I must finish by the 30th.

Being somewhere around 3/10 of the way through, my plot is aching to emerge. However, this gives me much pause and reason to resist. Once I commit to a plot, there’s no going back and changing my mind until December. I have to finish the story that I’ve started. Not to say that I can’t change it, but I would rather like to avoid the unexpected introduction of aliens in the 20th chapter. Certain characters are becoming more and less important – which I’d rather realize now than later, I suppose – but disposing of ones who had thought themselves indispensible a few days ago is something of a pain.

So today I am allowing my character to revert to stream-of-consciousness, which is a beautiful thing as it allows me to just write and write, yet does nothing to move the plot along except develop the characters and perhaps provide some background.

This is certainly a learning process – not only about writing but also about myself. Granted, I am rather prone to the deep and profoundly revelatory, but I think this exercise does lend itself nicely to certain epiphanies about oneself and one’s writing.


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