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One extremely negative part of not living in France is the tragic lack of boulangeries & patisseries.
Sure, there are some. There’s even one fairly accessible to me.
But it is entirely in the other direction than that which I will travel to go to work in an hour or so.
And I have been craving pain au chocolat since I went to bed. By which I don’t mean there was a respite while I slept. Oh no. I dreamt about it.
You can imagine my bowl of cereal was especially soggy and tasteless this morning.

There really is no solution to this dilemma. Google can find me no bakeries on my route to work that look promising – not even thinking of pain au chocolat, but simply a pastry that I would want. Not to say there aren’t any, but Google doesn’t have that knowledge.

Espresso would be nice too. By which I do mean of the Italian variety, swallowed at the bar.
Yes, I complained about it before, and I think that while Seattle is a breeding grounds (get it, grounds…haha) for coffee connoisseurs, that thirst (…) for perfection has yet to reach the east-side (don’t get confused…there are two “east-sides” in Washington…one is the east side of the state, and the other is the east side of the large area that just about anyone else includes in “Seattle” but isn’t actually Seattle…).
Digression aside, suffice it to say I don’t have enough confidence in what I will receive to be the weird person who asks the barista for a straight shot.
So I think I’ll opt for a random drive-up and see what happens when I’m given a double short latte.

And then I’ll drive away (because yes, I get to use my roommate’s car today) and imagine how amazing that would taste with a flaky pain au chocolat.


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