some things

My novel is done. At least the first draft of it. Who knows if there will be a second to render the piece worth trying to publish, but regardless I’m rather proud of myself for finishing.

In other happy news,

I am sending out my Holiday Swap person’s stuff tomorrow.

I won the Tegan and Sara album from Kate at La Petite Choue 🙂 They accompanied me to the finish line of my novel.
(I should find something to give away to y’all. Your chances of winning would probably be pretty good too, since out of however many of you read the blog about one of you comment :-P)

I spent Thanksgiving at home;

the weather was beautiful

and I got to hang out with some of my fab and crazy friends (who take fab and crazy pics with my camera haha).


3 thoughts on “some things

  1. YAYS on the novel and on the CD win!!! Oo contests! I think if you did one you’d suddenly find out just how many people DO follow your blog 😉 Free stuff tends to make people come out of their lurking caves.

    PS: you are a brilliant photographer, m’dear ❤

  2. That is one of my life long dreams…to write like that. I hope you take the steps to get it published. What an effort of love and dedication. Congratulations!!!!

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