to be honest…

What is that, you ask? Well, it’s this award (although really if this were my game, maybe not the word I’d have used haha) that Danielle gave me.

Rules for the award:

1. Must thank the person who gave you the award and list their blog and link it.
2. Share “10 Honest things” about yourself.
3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
4. Tell those 7 people they’ve been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

Thank the person who gave you the award

Well Danielle, of all the things you’ve given me, I can’t say this is one that I am most thankful for, haha. 😉 I’m certainly one to aim more for funny than revealing with something like this, but I don’t think that’s what you were looking for, so I’ll respect that. When it comes to our 10+ year friendship, I think I am most thankful and amazed at how it has stood the test of time and differences – because for all our top-level similarities, we’re way different! 🙂 I don’t have my notebooks and I didn’t pay enough attention to the terms to remember, but I love that even as our relationship goes through separating in a lot of different ways – literary taste, geography – it doesn’t mean that we drift apart. Sure the closeness varies from time to time, but we’re like those family members who sometimes can’t believe they’re related but wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤

10 Honest Things About Moi (I suppose I’ll play along and make them more than the obvious)

1. I am a stalker. Yes, that means I am stalking you, IP address 66.172.120.## – but only insofar as I know that you’re stalking me and never commenting (lame!). It’s true, I have (though they be limited) ways of finding out how you arrived at my blog, and maybe even where in the world you hail from. Chillax – the information is quite limited, but all the same, person-from-my-hometown-who-visits-my-blog (by which I don’t mean subscribes via RSS or email)-weekly, I know you’re there, and since I’m being honest, yes, I am kind of creeped out that you (who probably know me in real life) never comment or leave any indication of who you are and that you’re following along with my life. (Granted, I post my blog on my facebook page. I can hardly claim surprise. But remember, I’m being honest today, not rational)

2. I think I’m lying to myself when I say I don’t regret things in my life but chalk them up to experience. I do regret. I regret the things that I didn’t do.

3. I don’t know what your impression of me is – but I am competitive. I do care about succeeding and yes, beating people.

4. It isn’t that I don’t like to be honest on my blog, but to outright state that you’re going to reveal something personal about yourself without ambiguity or a veil of anecdotes is more than I signed on for when I invited people I know in real life to follow my blog. Let’s be honest, this isn’t the first place I come when I need to vent or talk about my day. This is for my thoughts, which can be incredibly vague and un-grounded. This is so that I am forced to write in a (somewhat) cohesive manner and not let my skills atrophy.

5. Unless I’m being overloaded and or innundated with new information, I generally have a pretty good memory.

6. There was a time I would have said (and in looking back, would still come to this conclusion) that I had more friends online than I did in real life. Interpret that as you will, whether a sad commentary on the state of my real life at that time or an awesome example of online community.

7. I think my fingers are awkwardly short.

8. I categorically fall into the grouping of people who buy things with the intention of deciding later if they actually want them, fully expecting and planning to take advantage of the option to return.

9. There might be a tiny bit of me who blames some of the camera-shyness I have developed on the people who seriously/jokingly (I don’t even know) got “mad” at me for taking so many pictures. There are still some people of whom I will take photos unabashedly, but to candidly capture others, it now requires a certain boldness fueled by adrenaline or sugar or something else not naturally appearing in my blood.

10. I struggle with vulnerability (and that’s what this meme is all about). See #4 again.

Tag, You’re It!

Yes, I voyeuristically like finding out more about y’all, but I don’t think it very effective. Go for it if you want, don’t if it doesn’t strike your fancy. Chrissy, you can be tagged since I think you’ll do it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “to be honest…

  1. Thanks for doing this even though it’s not really your deal. 🙂 And if it makes you feel better, I have awkwardly long fingers and my pointer fingers on both hands severely and obviously are bent inwards (soooo weird). ❤

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