Book review: Let Them Eat Cake

Remind me not to blog when I’m pessimistic and/or cynical. I shall take my own advice and refrain from commentary, merely noting that here is a somewhat delayed cross-posting of a book review that I did at Read All Over. Click to see the original post.

As a recent college graduate living in Seattle having studied (though not majoring in it) French, it’s fairly safe to say I could relate to the main character of this novel, Lexi Stuart who lives in Seattle with her parents and finds herself working in a French bakery. As no exception to the “Christian chick-lit” genre, this book leans heavily upon the tried-and-true model of an initially single character who has fallen away from her relationship with God and is at some sort of crossroads. Lexi struggles with her parents’ upcoming move and the necessity of finding a place of her own (that she can afford), finding meaningful work that uses the degree she slaved over, and the frustration that is everyone else in her life finding their perfect someone.

Somewhat needless to say the book is predictable. This is the first in a series and pretty sure I can even predict what happens in the next book just based on a few lines of conversation that were slipped in toward the end. I enjoyed relating to the character, and it was a nice fluffy read. As an English  graduate, I invariably look to more than just the number of times I laughed or rolled my eyes, I look to the writing. I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting Pulitzer quality going into it, and my expectations were met. This type of novel has a pretty standard style, and Byrd doesn’t deviate from it. She (or her editor) throws in some “illustrations” that try to be original but come off cutesy and young.

Overall, I was entertained. I wouldn’t say I wasted my time, and I did finish the book. But if you’re looking at it on the shelf, consider carefully what you’re looking to find from the book. If it’s quality literature or surprises, maybe try the classics shelf. If you just want something to accompany your mug of hot cocoa and that won’t take too much of your time, this isn’t a bad choice.


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