My muse has been feeling pent up lately. She has been aching for a project lately – and I keep telling her that we need to go back and revisit that novel business that happened just over a month ago. She’s feeling ambitious and thinking we should start another novel altogether, or perhaps return to the favored territory of creative non-fiction/essay. I remind her that this blog would often fall into that latter category, but she only scoffs at me.

I gave my hand a bit of needed exercise today and yesterday – updating my quote journals. There were two, you see. The one was nearing completion when I was about to trek off to Europe. I didn’t want to risk finishing it and then need to carry around two notebooks, so I started another. However, there is this need for chronology and organization that seems to manifest in multitudinous ways that do not extend to the upkeep of my closet/dresser. At any rate, after starting that other journal in Europe, it would be unacceptable to put quotes from new books that I read in the older journal. So I’ve been sporadically filling it with poetry and random quotes (some of which I was not familiar with before I left, but I am not above bending my own rules when necessary). Today I finally finished off the original one (and was thus able to go back to the subsequent journal and continue numbering, bringing me to a grand total of 1082 quotes and commonplaces – more quotes though)!

Still no conclusions re: upcoming projects (beyond blogging). Reading prolifically is a current goal, as my personal pile of unread books is growing along with the general list.

There are too many things to do with life, goodness. I need to become more adept at multi-tasking. And/or sleeping less?


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