Working like it’s 2005

Shortly after I started working at my current job, decorations went up for Christmas. Early this week they disappeared, and to compensate for the suddenly empty space that looked quite lonely, a flower and reed diffuser went to live on respective corners of the counter. I sit right below this diffuser. I’m not sure where it was before, but it came with just a bit of the oil at the bottom of the vase. Lacking the original packaging, I have no idea what the scent is – all I know is I’ve started to smell waffle cones.

Yes, waffle cones. Thankfully the smell is not as permeating as it was when I worked at Baskin Robbins and produced those cones of crunchy, sweet goodness (or at least my roommate has yet to tell me that I’m coming home smelling like an ice cream shop). But suffice it to say, waffle cones are not what I want to be smelling all day. When it runs out I will definitely be investing in a more subtle scent (although subtle isn’t really an option when one is sitting two feet from the scented reeds).

Mm, don’t really have anything else of interest to report, save a hallelujah for the weekend. 🙂 I haven’t decided if I’m going to go second-hand store-ing tomorrow or spend the day chilling at the apartment and doing the ever-generic stuff (Stephanie was so right – the blogosphere is nesting these days! But hey, there are definitely worse ways to spend January).


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