Of trans-continental porcelain companies

From time to time, I am observant. This is just a fact. A byproduct of middle school exercises that required me to use my five senses to make a list of 50+ facts about an apple.

Some of you may find this awkward, we’ll just preface it with that.

One of the first things I noticed about the toilets at my current job is the brand – American Standard. Normally, this is not something I would pay special attention to, but it struck me as noteworthy that the font and initials matched the brand I had seen on a sink in London.

Kind of a strange thing to remember, yes, but when visiting the restroom at the British Library in London, I couldn’t help but notice that the company who made the sink at which I was washing my hands bore the same name as a character from Adventures in Odyssey: Armitige Shanks. And so I thought of my sister and took a picture (and was too lazy to crop it before I posted it to the internet).

This similarity of font and the “A… S…” makes me wonder if it’s the same company when you get right down to it. I’m not motivated enough to actually research this, but it’s interesting (to me) nonetheless.

Have you made any interesting observations lately?


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