Fill in the blank

In the absence of anything interesting to report, I bring you fill in the blank Friday, snagged from Lauren. 🙂

1.  Today I am feeling         excited for the weekend          . 

2.  If I were you I’d      take a trip, anywhere, really, but preferably out of the country        .

 3.  Love is:        elusive    

4.  I always          make sure I have my keys        before leaving the   house.

5.  I feel prettiest when I’m wearing    fresh nail polish, cute shoes and chic accessories 🙂   .

6.  If I had a million dollars I’d     help Haiti, move to Guadeloupe for a year, and find a great interest rate (…somewhere)   .

7.  I’m looking forward to        test driving an Acura and then going climbing when I get off work today       .


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