And then I found € 50

I like to make lists.
This is evident by the fact that I keep track of all the books and movies that I consume on Flixster and GoodReads.

Other manifestations of this tendency include the predisposition to make to-do lists, shopping lists, etc. I don’t remember everything that was on my to-do list today, but I think about half of it could get crossed off. All the same, I am choosing to consider that today (as of 3:40 pm) was productive. Here is what I have done so far (this feels quite reminiscent of a journal entry I might have penned when I was 7).

  • got up at 10 (rest = good for the cough that has been persisting the last 7 days)
  • devotions and journaling accompanied by breakfast (cereal – I like bananas in my oatmeal and I have none – and Tazo’s Awake tea supplemented by a dash of milk and some honey)
  • cleaning (yes, the resulting productivity increases when I delineate the specifics)
    • wiped down the kitchen
    • cleaned the toilets
    • swept the kitchen
    • swiffered the bathroom floor
    • took out the trash and recycling
    • selectively dusted
  • subsequently felt exhausted and considered that maybe the cough is finally morphing into some kind of illness
  • watched The Mighty Ducks
  • started watching D2
  • blogged

So, as you can see, productive. In and of itself, having blogged makes me feel productive. I do feel slightly less accomplished as I have yet to finish the book review I mean to post on Read All Over Reviews. And a shower is forthcoming, due to the fact that I am going over to a friend’s house for dinner. Potentially not the wisest choice considering the weakened state of the immune system, but onwards and upwards, right? I have no plans beyond church, so vegging and napping will happen demain. And perhaps the finishing of another book, which would bring my total of completed reads for the month of January to seven. That would be a nice start to the year. (It’s not an official goal, but I really want to hit at least 52 books for the year. And if I plan to move overseas sometime toward the latter half of the year, reading will likely decrease then.)

[On a side, but related note, if you were wondering, the subject is derived from the whole “and then I found $20” added to the end of lame stories to make them humorous and all around better. But it is in fact true, that I, walking through a park in Paris in the late afternoon one late September day, found € 50.]


4 thoughts on “And then I found € 50

  1. Have you ever made a list and put down stuff that you’ve already done, just so you can check it off? I have! (kinda weird, huh?)

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