what is real

Life has been all over the place of late: Between a cough that people say I should see a doctor for (seriously, takes a lot of effort when you don’t have a car and do have a job and don’t have a primary physician in the area, and anyway – it’s getting better, didn’t wake me up last night), work that never ceases to bore, the ever-looming question of “what next”, and any number of other tidbits that like to pop up during the week.

I’ve been reading more prolifically again, now that I finished the Peasant Princess sermon series by Mark Driscoll, I am back to reading during my 2-hour bus commute. This of course means that I am bound to get behind in the reviews that I mean to post at Read All Over Reviews. Oh well.

This afternoon I made brownies instead of watching the Super Bowl. I seem to have developed an inability to follow recipes, but it usually turns out all right. Although the brownies are a little more cake-y than I prefer, they taste pretty good. The marshmallows and peanut butter and chocolate chips nicely augmenting the original recipe that I pilfered off AllRecipes.com.

I have lost the ability (and possibly the interest) to convey in an interesting manner the mundane details of life. And so before I go, here’s one of my recent favorites (and notes-to-self) from notebook doodles


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