Sometimes it’s appropriate to share things we love and that are happy-making.
Other times, I think it is equally appropriate to bring to light certain things that are not so pleasant. I have three for you today.

#1 Campbell’s Select Harvest  soups

They were cheap at some point, so I bought three different kinds. The first one I tried a while ago (I think it was the Light Southwestern Vegetable) was rather bland and not very tasty. Oh well. Then tonight I was going to have the Italian Wedding variety…made it through a couple grimacing bites. The smell was somewhat off-putting (not to be gross, but I later concluded that it reminded me of regurgitated food) and the taste wasn’t any better. Not being at a lack for food or particularly hungry any more, I tossed the rest (aka all of it) and settled for a somewhat old chocolate chip pancake that still tasted great with peanut butter smeared over the top. I have one more can of this Select Harvest stuff and am thinking I’ll donate it to a food bank or something. Although I feel bad – no one should have to be subjected to the stuff. I will be sticking to Campbell’s Chunky and Progresso from now on.

#2 Disney Parks ads on Hulu

Since I don’t have television, I watch a lot of my favorite shows on Hulu. I don’t pay much attention to the ads, and normally they’re as interestingly boring as the next. However, the ones in which Disney gives away a free day at one of their parks for individuals who volunteer with a participating organization…they’re kind of horrible. They feature the Muppets, horrible acting (even for ads), and only feigned shame at the idea that people are only volunteering to get the free pass to Disney. Some frustrate me less than others, but I find myself most annoyed  by is the one where they’re building a house. It’s not Miss Piggy who’s selfishly in it only for the free pass – it’s the guy doing construction. And not only that – the wall falls down at the end. Sure it’s funny that the Muppets can’t do anything right or helpful – but that’s hardly the point of volunteering! At least show them contributing if you’re going to try to promote volunteering. Gr.

#3 Kate on Lost

So I know some of you don’t care about “Lost”. And to be honest, neither do I. I’ve watched it since the beginning, and it’s been more out of habit the last chunk of years. I’ve never liked Kate (or Jack for that matter), and my dislike grows with every episode. Somehow she manages to be entirely self-serving even when she’s trying to help people. She chases after Jack and Sawyer and can’t decide who she wants and (spoilers for 2/9/10’s episode) when she’s crying after Sawyer said he was going to propose to Juliet, I wasn’t sure whether she was more sad that he was so in love with her that he’d propose, or just because that’s tragic for someone to die before you can even propose to her. Sure, Evangeline Lilly is beautiful and can act sometimes. But Kate is an entirely flat character to me and makes me want to throw things at the screen every time I see her.

Some other things I dislike include coughing (which I have been doing for the past 20 days. It’s to the point where I wake up in the middle of the night dry heaving, and come morning my ribs are sore. Suffice it to say, off to the doctor’s tomorrow), not having President’s Day off (grumble, grumble, grumble), and making decisions (bet that’s a real shocker to ya…).

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll tell you three things I like. 🙂 (I’ll steal one of the possibilities: the WEEKEND! :D)


2 thoughts on “Dislike!

  1. Ugh. That sucks about the Campbell’s soup. Haven’t tried the Select Harvest ones yet, but they just don’t appealed to me anyways so… I prefer Progresso myself.

  2. Okay. Totally will be skipping the soup and YESSSSS re: Kate. I was upset when Juliet died, not just because our sweet, strong Sawyer lost the love of his life, but because that meant that Kate would be once again playing her games with him, stringing him along when all along she knows she would chose Jack .

    Bah her. I hates her preciousssss.

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