It’s Valentine’s Day – not that I observe it, really. A couple people sent me cards, each of which brought a large smile to my face. But other than that, it’s a pretty unmonumental day (apart from the fact it doubles as the benchmark after which I am closer to the next age than the one I currently advertise…aka it’s my half-birthday). Sure, in some respects it’s singles awareness day – but really, for singles, isn’t that every day?

But in an attempt to be somewhat reliable, I’ll give you this bit of happiness to counter my previous post πŸ˜‰ Turns out limiting myself to three doesn’t work so well, but I don’t suppose that’s a bad thing…

#1 KP

My little sis is my fave. Granted, she is the only sibling I have, and it took a lot of fights and hair-pulling to get to the point where we’re friends, but I love it now. Living on opposite sides of the state is kind of inconvenient, and I don’t really know when we’ll live nearby again, but that’s one of the fabulous things about family: you’re pretty much stuck with them regardless of distance. πŸ™‚ We go through phases of communicative-ness, but it works for us. Sometimes we send long, in-depth emails. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we send random text message memories. Don’t you just love people who share some of the craziest memories with you?

The crazy and silly and creative things that we did growing up make me shake my head and laugh. They might emerge in conversation with other people every now and again, but like any good inside joke, it’s better just between the two of you. I don’t have any memories associated with this picture, but it makes me smile nonetheless. (And we’re cute)

#2 Home

Nostalgia forbids that in I neglect the idyllic place I grew up. While growing up, the inconvenient half-hour commute to school/work/friends/church/life detracted from the peaceful joys of the country like a neon sign distracts the night-time driver. However, after leaving and coming back for shorter and shorter periods of time, I realize there is a profoundly special spot in my heart for the place I spent the first 18 years of my life.

Looking through my pictures makes me realize that none of them really do justice to the oasis that it truly is.


So a love/nostalgia post is also refusing to be complete until I pay due homage to a few friends. When I dreamed about being famous and writing thank yous or some such nonsense like that, I included everyone I knew, with inside jokes. Unfortunately, I haven’t the time, energy, or computer battery to attempt that now.

But I never cease to be blessed and thankful that not only did I have the opportunity to grow up with some fabulous (and crazy) friends, but they’re still key figures in the story of my life. While few are actually living nearby, there is a familial connection that has kept us close despite our varying geographic locations and directions in life.

Not to downplay the friends I haven’t known since middle school – to you I am looking forward to building those decades-plus of memories, we’re not quite there yet, but I can say from experience, it is worth the effort to maintain relationships with people who will be lifelong friends to the point they are as closely connected to you as family.

So apparently I should have thought out this list before committing to including pictures for each item, because I am finding myself in this rather conflicted state.
I also want to share with you my awesome parents, my salvation, my books, my favorite cat (RIP)…apparently the list of things that I like is pretty long. (This is so not a bad thing!)
Unfortunately, I dislike posts left in “draft” status, and fear I would never return to this if I don’t post it tonight. But I do not have the time or energy to find postable pictures for the above.

Thus, without the benefit of illustration, I will “conclude” tonight’s list of things/people I love with the following

#4 Parents

Turns out, contrary to my ten-year-old opinion, parents do know what they’re talking about! One definite positive to escaping childhood is the perspective. I don’t mind admitting that I call my parents frequently asking for advice, which they readily give. But not only do they give advice, they help prod me into adulthood (because sometimes the prod is necessary). When I was younger, I emphatically resisted their efforts to ease me into adulthood. Now, however, I love that while they are (and always will be) figures of authority, they are equally accepting of me as a college graduate who is (pretending to be?) an adult.

#5 Salvation

Clearly these are not in order of importance, because the part where my sins have been forgiven is definitely at the top of the list of things I can get excited about.
Praise God that it is by grace I have been saved through faith – because there is absolutely no way I could chalk up enough brownie points to get me out of the damnation I earned for myself.

This post is getting long, so I’ll leave it at that.

I should bookmark this to come back and remind myself when I feel like there’s something lacking in my life – because in reality it is overflowing with amazing people. And not only that, I have hope in Christ, and I can’t think of a better love to celebrate on Valentine’s day. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Love

  1. Wow, the pics of where you grew up are stunning! Oasis indeed!

    PS: I think I od’ed on nostalgia while reading this 😦 I miss my friends and the way things were.

    This post is love.

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