Of late

I’ve recently read some very un-recommendable books (The Binding Chair, Silver Cord, and An Almost Perfect Moment).
But also some fantastic ones:
The Butcher and the Vegetarian (which is made all the more yay by the fact that I was able to attend her first reading and meet her – and then she even remembered me in her blog about the event later! :D)
Infidel (absolutely riveting and shocking)

I ignored the fact that funds are limited and signed up for oh, hello friend‘s 2010 lovely package exchange. I’m excited. Obviously I don’t have my partner yet, but I’ve already started looking around for fun stuff. 🙂

In the interest of being healthier and losing some un-noticeable (but annoying all the same) weight, I created an account on the Self Challenge page. It has made me more aware of how much I actually eat and how little I exercise (trying to flip the two), but keeping track really is a pain. But I may persevere (apparently you can win stuff…and I am all about the free).

My ability to discern a purpose or direction for myself feels incredibly impaired. Considering my life hasn’t really been riddled with epiphanies, but rather the opposite which turns out to be perfect, I should probably stop expecting a revelation.

But it is spring. Even when the sun hides, there are flowers. And sometimes, there is blue sky behind the flowers.


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