Golden fields lie out before me

The weekend largely consisted of good food. Not that I usually eat crap, but I pleasantly surprised myself. Between “Leroy’s Apple Pancakes” (which apparently, are also known as Dutch Babies?) for breakfast and then a delicious Pesto/Chicken/Mozarella/Tomato Salad (somewhat modified considering the lack of a food processor or blender) for dinner, Saturday meals were delightful. Today contained the somewhat more mundane breakfast of oatmeal with apples and brown sugar and a healthy salad for dinner.

Those of you who consider exercise to be beneficial and recommended will be pleased to know that (in my own sort of way), I worked out both mornings. Working out in my world often consists primarily of strength exercises, although I really should aim for more cardio since the reason I dislike it is that my lungs are so out of practice.

The following I have considered recently at various points and for varying lengths of time:

  • Someday I will probably make enough money so that when I take surveys online, I won’t be in the lowest income bracket.
  • I love that I can make money by taking surveys (even just $5 or $25…it adds up). My favorites are Opinion Outpost and Survey Head, should you also be interested in making money for having opinions.
  • My purpose is completely eluding me at this point in life.
  • I want to be so filled with the implications of my salvation that the only explanation for my joy is found in Christ (a la John Piper, whose sermon from last week was shown at church today).
  • I am a poor wayfaring stranger.
  • That Hideous Strength (CS Lewis) has been wonderful for the first half, and I’m not sure why I was under the impression it was such an intimidating book.

One thought on “Golden fields lie out before me

  1. I think they are called Dutch Babies because they were once cooked in a dutch oven? I think. LOL, don’t quote me on that. I love days full of good food and that salad recipes looks delish!

    Oh, and thank you for sharing those survey links! Might use them to drum up some money for my new computer.

    Jack White! ❤

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