Let Evening Come

A poem eludes me right now, as David must have often hid from Michelangelo. I lack the skill he possessed in coaxing David to appear, and cannot promise myself the same astonishment that must have followed when he realized what the marble had revealed.

So I take refuge in the comforting arms of familiar poets.

Let Evening Come
Jane Kenyon

Let the light of late afternoon
shine through chinks in the barn, moving
up the bales as the sun moves down.

Let the cricket take up chafing
as a woman takes up her needles
and her yarn. Let evening come.

Let dew collect on the hoe abandoned
in long grass. Let the stars appear
and the moon disclose her silver horn.

Let the fox go back to its sandy den.
Let the wind die down. Let the shed
go black inside. Let evening come.

To the bottle in the ditch, to the scoop
in the oats, to air in the lung
let evening come.

Let it come, as it will, and don’t
be afraid. God does not leave us
comfortless, so let evening come.


3 thoughts on “Let Evening Come

  1. The poem has been eluded me as well. I’m hoping the muse just went on hiatus during the spring and I can wake her when the flowers bloom.

    Good luck in finding David.

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