I may be a sorry case, but I don’t write jokes in base 13

The more heavily a decision weighs, the less likely I am to actually decide (barring immediate necessity).

Unfortunately there are often physiological repercussions. Accelerated heart-beat. Throbbings in some recessed part of my brain. Nervous twitches.

Overall, it’s just all around a better option (choice? decision?) to decide.

But then a little fuzz-ball appears. His name is “What if” and he resembles those replicating cells you learn about in biology.

What if I made the wrong decision?
What if something better would have presented itself next week?

For all the blessings of being able to understand multiple perspectives and see the world through different eyes, I would rather a horse’s blinders that reveal only the path ahead and none of the distractions on either side.

How to reconcile the inevitable reality that dual (and dueling) facts that
a) the answer is not so simple as “42” (although it probably does not require a supercomputer to determine) and
b) if I’m going to live what I proclaim, and that is trust in God’s sovereignty over my future, anxiety is moot and pointless.

But encouragement comes in the most predictable but unexpected of ways.
Yesterday a card from my Grandma arrived in the mail.

When at a crossroads, the best decision…is to head for the Cross.
She said she’d had that card for a while but hadn’t known who to send it to, but from what I had last written her it sounded like I was trying to figure out where to go.

And a CD I purchased also arrived. I seem to buy either music that has been out for ever or releases of the last week or two. This being the latter, I discovered a completely relevant but previously unknown song by Sixpence None the Richer.


Tonight it’s time
Choose a direction
If you fail
You can make a correction

It’s hard
So hard to know
To know
Where I’m supposed to go

Tonight I’m going let it go
And try to let it be
Because I know you see
That it’s hard to know
Where I’m supposed to go
But there is a way
And tomorrow is a brand new day

subject: Douglas Adams


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