How I see the world

One day, for some reason, I was laying on the floor in my room.
While glancing up at the cottage cheese in this corner of the ceiling:

I saw something I did not expect.  A star:

Guesses are this was a kid’s room at some point in the past, and when they moved out, that star was overlooked in the packing process. The ceiling was repainted and so it no longer glowed and it’s presence is entirely unnoticed unless you know where to look for it. (In fact, it took a little bit of gazing at the spot I knew it was before I could re-find it to photograph.)

But sometime in between that first sighting and this moment I realized that my life is the cottage cheese ceiling and my future is that star. Where I’m going may not be immediately apparent, but it’s there, somewhere, and I’ll find it eventually.

And that is an encouraging thought.


3 thoughts on “How I see the world

  1. thank you for your comment oh and I love it that you see the little things. Like this star. It made me feel precious- don´t know why, it just was that way…

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