Stepping out

I’ve never rarely been one to blog about the details of life.  The fact that I (a contractor) was filmed answering a (staged) phone call as a potential clip for a new orientation video at work doesn’t even make my journal, much less the blog. My musings lean more toward the abstract reflections.

So, depending on the number of ways you know me, you may or may not be aware that I have been contemplating a potential and lengthy upcoming trip. That’s about as specific as I’m going to get right now – but details (yes, details) will be coming when I scrounge them together. 🙂

But as I contemplate this upcoming change, I have (occasionally) been reflecting on what this will mean for my blog. Should I go back to my travel blog? Should I make more of an effort to share the daily details? Maybe I’ll make (ha) you all follow both of my blogs and the travel blog will feature the details and observations while this blog will remain the more abstract insight to my thoughts. I think that last option is where I’m leaning right now. But who knows!

I realized a few moments ago that this weekend marks a year since my graduation from university. It was a big transition, and I’m smiling to myself thinking that a year later another big transition is facing me. If you’ve been reading this blog for just about any amount of time, you’ve probably gathered that I’m not change’s biggest fan. In fact I usually drag my feet a little and try to set down roots while life is transplanting me. But it’s always worked out so far, and I’m excited right now. So I’m going to cling to that excitement while it lasts, because I’m confident the terror will set in again before long. Life is so intimidating, if you think about it.

So let’s not. Let’s just live what comes. In the meantime, I’m off to a street fair that I’ve already convinced myself reminds me of the one day I saw of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is not an entirely fair presupposition, so I’ll put it out of my mind and off to the U-District to see what today has for me – irrespective of whatever experiences lie in my past and future.


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