Hello World

Breaking news:
In 4 weeks I am moving to Panama.

I will be chilling with super cute 3 and 6 year-old girls (and their parents, who, from Skype conversations, seem pretty awesome as well).

I expect to make occasional forays back aux Etats-Unis (oh wait. French on the back burner for now; I’m going to learn Spanish).

My primary residence will be in Panama City for a  y e a r.

Hellooooo change! You do not come trepidatiously.

(Now, bloggers and lurkers: an informal poll. Should I
a) blog my life away here
b) go back to my travel blog while I’m abroad
c) post travel-y things on the travel blog and the usual random things here
???? I am leaning toward c, but will defer to your collective wisdom)


3 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. My vote is a!! [if I’m understanding a) correctly] I like all of it all mixed together because it makes you a more rounded you. 🙂 Or maybe a better way of putting it is that it makes you and the blog seem more 3 dimensional to me. ❤

  2. Any way is fine … just keep us posted of your adventures! BTW, I love your 5/30 post … OK if I share it with some of my writing friends at work? You are so talented. Please keep writing!

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