Change and Adventure!

(Puget Sound, June 5)

I wonder that it had never previously struck me as strange – the juxtaposition of my soul-stirring love for sunsets and my impassioned resistance to change.

For change necessitates a finishing, a closure of some kind.

In Hope Floats (which I don’t recall liking overall – so stereotypically cheesy), Sandra Bullock’s character makes an astute observation:

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts.

I so rarely appreciate the middle of something until I am approaching the end. Or when I do it takes some serious planning and intention. Otherwise I come upon a closure with a gasp of air trapped in my throat.

So in an effort to make the most of this ending – make it count for more of a middle – I am tired!
For the last week I haven’t gotten to bed before midnight – and weekdays mean getting up at 6 to get to work by 8.
And I am distracted. I have been managing to do something with friends every night – which is wonderful! And considering that I don’t have a whole lot to do other than pack, it’s not detrimental to my upcoming move either.

Thus, in keeping with my recent social butterfly tendencies, I have tomorrow off and will be bouncing around for the weekend making adventures happen. Happy weekend!


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